New Voodoo Sploder Released!

Voodoo Sploder v1.2

All updates from Voodoo Sploder v1.098 and v1.1 are free.

These older versions will stop functioning on the 1st of September 2013.


What is new in the updated version?

Firstly, we have further optimized the main Sploder LSL script to use less memory.

Doing this not only uses less region resources, but reduces the likelihood of errors during big Sploder rounds and allows further optimization in other areas. (see below)

The script responsible for reading configuration settings and communicating with players has been merged into the main Sploder script.

This makes the Sploder much more responsive, as there is no messaging happening between scripts to communicate, so now it's faster.

The language "lang" configuration notecard has been removed, as it is not often used and consumes region resources in the script. We'll be putting language configuration back in the next Sploder version, but it will be web based rather than a notecard.

Previously we had to keep version 1.098 and 1.1 of the Voodoo Sploder functioning because Anti-Afk was removed in version 1.1 and many people use it still.

"Anti-Afk" is back in Sploder 1.2, alongside "Click Threshold" combining the features of both older versions.

We have changed the verify process to increase security. The only difference is that now the URL the Sploder gives you will be encrypted to prevent tampering.

A new feature has been added called "Away from me" which can be turned on and off through the config notecard. This will stop avatars from "hugging" the sploder and push them a couple of meters away if active.

The Sploder comission rate has been changed from 2L to 2% of the pot to cover hosting expenses. Let's crunch some numbers to see how much this will effect you ...

  • A sploder with a pot below 10L, still takes no comission as before.
  • A sploder with a pot of 50L, comission is 1L, so we take less.
  • A sploder with a pot of 100L, we take 2L comission, the same as before.
  • A sploder with a pot of 200L, we take 4L comission, a slight increase.

To give you an idea of why we need to do this, our web hosting costs around L$23,000 per month, we provide a support team that costs around L$60,000 per month to run, as well as other expenses, and this increase will help us provide a better service to both owners and players.

All of our systems are now updating to use the domain, so if you are still using any old web bookmarks, please update them.

Next, we'll be adding features to our website, to allow owners to login and begin to configure and monitor your Sploders from the web. No further Sploder update will be required for this, we'll let you know when it's ready!


Updates are available at the Voodoo Mainstore.

Please bring your old Voodoo Sploder as proof of purchase.

If you have any questions Voodoo has a support team who will be happy to help.



28 Aug 2013 03:53
On my sploder, I set clicks to 8 but avis sometimes can click many times before they get kicked. is this working now?

Voodoo Support
28 Aug 2013 03:57
Click Threshold has been extensively tested before release, and it is no longer possible to spam click before being disqualified. If the Sploder is set to 8 clicks, the avatar will be disqualified on the 8th click.

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